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Smt. Bhuvaneswari Nara

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Why You Need To Know About Milk Fortification

Fortified milk became a trend, but one does wonder what it means? Chasing 'healthy' after knowing its benefits from a reliable source always is beneficial. Let's explore if fortified milk is actually helpful or is it all just bells and whistles in Q&A form. To create awareness about fortification and bring you authentic details, we collaborated with the nutritionist, Noorain Nayeem, who completed her Master's in Nutrition & Dietetics. Here is all you need to know in her words and ours.

1. How is consuming fortified milk beneficial?

Milk is a highly nutritious food, irrespective of fortification. What fortification adds is the supplements vitamin A & D. These vitamins are generally not found in milk. Adding these vitamins to milk is called fortification. She says, "Fortified milk helps in eye health and better absorption of calcium than regular milk." Kids and sometimes adults are picky eaters. This could affect bone health. Vitamin D helps better absorption of calcium and promote healthy bones. So fortified milk with additional nutrients helps us push towards consuming a balanced diet.

2. Does the consumption of fortified milk correct nutrient deficiencies?

"Yes! By consuming fortified milk regularly, helps prevent nutrient deficiencies. It is a strongly recommended public health strategy to reduce malnutrition." As per the FSSAI (Food Fortification Research Centre), fortified milk is the answer to save children who suffer from various diseases due to malnourishment. Healthy kids, healthy country!

3. Are there any side effects on the body due to fortified milk? If yes, name them.

"To answer in a word, NO. It is observed that the consumption of fortified milk does not have any harmful effects or side effects on the body."
As per recent research, people who consumed fortified milk regularly absorbed better quantities of nutrients. It is found that minerals and vitamins like iron, vitamin A, zinc and vitamin D are found in healthier amounts.

4. Is fortified milk safe for consumption among school-going kids?

"Absolutely! School going children can consume fortified milk. It helps to meet their nutritional needs and also improves brain function in older children or adolescents."
It helps decrease malnutrition by aiding the body to get many nutrients from a single glass of milk.

5. Is consumption of fortified milk mandatory?

"Though not mandatory, fortified milk is highly recommended. As fortified milk is concentrated with various nutrients beneficial for the body compared to regular milk."
Though it is not mandatory, the FSSAI (Food Fortification Research Centre) strongly recommends it.

Be it picky eater or poverty, fortified milk in every shape and form aids in fulfilling dietary needs. As a visionary brand, all milk variants of Heritage Foods are now fortified. We are proud to say we are the first to do so! Pick any milk variant you like with utmost convenience.