She's the place we came from
Our first home from a proud mum

She guides our baby steps nice and good
Finally, to our challenging adult steps

Giving courage, giving strength
Giving care to extended length
Fear no harm when mothers are near
We know how they hold us near

She is a living presence, never a memory
Nothing can separate, not even death from this treasury

Lives in our breath, a smile and tears
Blessing us always far or near

We are products of our mothers


Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Nara
Vice Chairperson & Managing Director

Happy Mother’s Day

Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Nara

Heritage Distribution Centre

The Heritage Distribution Centre (HDC)is an exclusive distribution wing for Heritage Foods Ltd., selling the whole range of Heritage products including Heritage Milk, milk products, ice-cream, and private label products and also products supplied/authorized by Heritage Foods Ltd.

We consider the HDC to be a brand ambassador of the Heritage brand and, HFL along with the Franchisee, ensures that every Heritage Distribution Center delivers the right service to customers.

To become a Heritage Distribution Center franchisee owner:

  • It must be an exclusive Heritage Outlet – selling only Heritage brand of products or products/brands authorized by HFL.
  • Should have at least 5 years of experience in selling Dairy/FMCG distribution.
  • Should possess sound knowledge of distribution and should know the retailers and the general business environment of the assigned market.
  • Would obtain all the requisite licenses and permissions to run a distribution set-up.
  • Should have requisite manpower and vehicles to conduct the distribution business.
  • The franchisee needs to meet the laid down sales targets to ensure the overall viability of the HDC.
  • The franchisee would be required to furnish an interest free refundable security deposit of Rs.75000/-.
  • The franchisee would incur a fixed investment of Rs.5 lacs and a monthly expense of approximately Rs.40500/-.
  • The delivery of products will be done on a cash and carry basis.
  • HFL would assist the franchisee in terms of milk coolers & freezers required for storage of dairy products and conditional and part reimbursement of distribution expenses.
  • The Franchisee should possess a bank account and needs to furnish proof of identity and residence.
  • The agreement with HFL has to be executed by the franchisee for a period of three years.
  • Product sale depends on the season: For example, buttermilk, lassi and ice-creams will have higher sales in summers and less in winters. The franchisee should make effort to sell more quantities based on the season and should also cater to the milk & milk products requirements of consumers/households of the nearby residential colonies on a regular basis.
Heritage Founder