Heritage Foods was founded to create and share wealth ethically among the farming community in a structured manner

The farming community was fragmented with no guidance and voice

I am proud we have achieved our objective with our vision and mission for economic growth

I promise as trustees our moral compass will remain to true north always

Smt. Bhuvaneswari Nara
Vice Chairperson & Managing Director


Smt. Bhuvaneswari Nara

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Gold milk
Heritage Founder

Our Gold milk presents a luxurious blend, featuring 3.8% fat . Sourced from the finest, fresh, and pure milk provided by our dedicated farmers, it undergoes a meticulous journey of procurement, pasteurization, homogenization, and packaging at our cutting-edge processing plants. With unwavering attention to detail, we guarantee that each drop maintains its inherent goodness, delivering the finest thick and robust milk to enhance your daily consumption.


  • 3.8%

  • Pack sizes



Comes in many types!

Plate up to these round, little, feather soft cakes bathed in the goodness of milk...
Milk Payesh
A classic Bengali dessert made of rice, embracing ghee, nuts and truck loads of milk...
One of the most loved desserts of this country, local, flavourful, simple and satiating...