Mothers of anyone are universal
Mothers love is never controversial

Mothers always give us a clap
Mothers rarely give us a slap

Mothers are the ones we bank
Mothers are the ones we thank

Happy Mother’s Day

Smt. Bhuvaneswari Nara
Vice Chairperson & Managing Director


Smt. Bhuvaneswari Nara

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Cheese Cubes
Heritage Founder

Heritage cheese blocks, with its great taste and creamy & soft texture, lends itself well into baked dishes like pasta, pizza or even grilled sandwiches and also good in south Indian dishes like cheese dosa.

  • Shelf life/Storage

    9 months, storage at +4 C

  • Pack sizes

    Cheese Block : 200g, 400g & 1kg
    Cheese Cubes : 120g & 200g

  • Product application

    A tasty, creamy block that you can cut, melt or grate. Melt it for sauce or use as topping on burgers. A few dishes which use processed cheese are mashed potatoes, cheese casseroles and macaroni etc.

    Heritage cheese has a good source of calcium and proteins.
    Processed cheese can be added to fondues, omelets, pizzas and souffles etc.
    Heritage cheese tastes superb on wheat breads along with tomato and cucumber slices.