Heritage Foods was founded to create and share wealth ethically among the farming community in a structured manner

The farming community was fragmented with no guidance and voice

I am proud we have achieved our objective with our vision and mission for economic growth

I promise as trustees our moral compass will remain to true north always

Smt. Bhuvaneswari Nara
Vice Chairperson & Managing Director


Smt. Bhuvaneswari Nara

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FSSAI Central License

  • Kind of Business – Head Office/ Registered Office, Marketer, Distributor, E-Commerce

ISO 22000:2018 (Food Safety Management System)

Food Safety Policy

We are committed to Procure, Process & Supply Safe and Wholesome Milk and Milk Products to our valued customers through:

  • Implementation of Food Safety Management System throughout the Food Chain
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction while considering present Needs and future Expectations
  • Complying with all applicable Food Safety requirements, including Statutory, Regulatory & mutually agreed customer requirements related to Food Safety
  • Involvement of all employees in the food safety management system by enhancing the competency of personnel at all levels
  • Continual up gradation of technology, systems and services & Ensuring Best Hygiene and Sanitation Practices
  • Making use of Policy as a framework for setting objectives and providing resources to continually improve the performance and effectiveness of Food Safety Management System
  • Communicating our Food Safety Policy to all our Internal & External Interested

Integrated Management System

(ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System
ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health & Safety)
B Kotha Kota Plant
IMS Policy (Health, Safety & Environment)

We at HFL are Committed to Procure, Process & Supply of wholesome Milk and Milk Products to our Valued customers by practicing and demonstrating High Standard work, continual improvement of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety performance and Providing Safe And healthy work Place involving all our stakeholders. We aim to achieve this through

  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction while considering present needs and future expectations
  • Comply with all applicable environmental, occupational health and safety related Legal, Statutory & Contractual obligations and maintaining best hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Prevention of work related injury & ill health to eliminate or reduce occupational health & safety risks
  • Ensuring consultation and participation of workers to eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks and to improve the OH&S management system
  • Conservation of Resources, Prevention of Pollution and Environment protection
  • Make use of Policy as a framework for setting objectives to continually improve the performance and effectiveness of Integrated Management System
  • Communicating Our IMS Policy To All Internal and External Customers

ISO 50001:2018 (Energy Management System)

(Uppal & Gokul Plants)

Energy Policy

We, at Heritage Foods Limited, are committed to continual improvement of our energy performance by ensuring

  • Availability of information and necessary resources to achieve defined energy objectives and energy targets
  • Compliance to applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption
  • Procurement of energy efficient products & services and support energy efficient design activities
  • Creation of awareness among the organizational personnel about effective implementation of energy management system activities in their respective areas of operations

Halal Certificate for the Gokul Plant

Halal certification is a recognition that the products produced by Heritage Foods Limited are permissible under Islamic Law. These products are thus edible, drinkable or usable by Muslims. We ensure all raw materials procured and used in the manufacture of our products are halal and production systems are clean and free from non-halal and filthy ingredients.

EIA Certificate for the Gokul, Uppal & Narketpally Plants

Certificate to Export Milk Products (Milk Powder, Butter, Ghee, Sterilized Flavoured Milk) to Non EU countries only by maintaining the requirements of GOI Notification Number S.O. 2720