I wish you all a happy women’s day

Every day for the next 364 days should be
Ceremonial and celebrated days for all women

It’s a privilege and responsibility
To be born a woman

Dignity, modesty should be our hall mark
Each woman is measured by her virtues
Not against any other women

Feminism does not mean
We cross the Laskhmana Rekha
Or stop being a Sati Savitri

Feminism is having no past to hide
No personal expectations from anyone
Feminism is a part of womanhood
That is loving, caring, healing and giving,

Feminism is dealing with incompatibility
Not falling out, when not compatible
Feminism is being re-silent in adverse conditions
Feminism is never feeling in-secured

Women are the largest untapped reservoirs
Of talents in the world

Be participants, not just spectators

Be the candle to light other candles
Without being burnt out

Women have the power to protect the world
Just not themselves

Always be graceful and be useful


Happy Women's Day

Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Nara

Heritage Renewable Energy

We at Heritage have recognized our responsibilities to protect the environment. With this, we are dedicated to expand our green footprint and thus we have started our clean energy journey by entering into renewable energy projects for captive consumption.

We have commissioned and been distributing energy through our captive solar & wind power plants at 11 different plants and locations, namely, Bangalore packing station in Karnataka, Battiprolu packing station in Andhra Pradesh, Bobbili packing station in Andhra Pradesh, Kalluru packing station in Telangana, Madanapalli in Andhra Pradesh, Mulugu in Teangana, Sangvi packing station in Maharashtra & Vadamadurai packing station in Tamil Nadu. Wind power plants are located in Chinahothur, Vajrakarur & Beluguppa, Ananthapur District in Andhra Pradesh.

  • heritage renewable energy
  • heritage renewable energy
  • heritage renewable energy
  • heritage renewable energy
Total Captive Power for Dairy Plants’ Installed Capacity
heritage renewable energy 4.09 MW Solar Power
heritage renewable energy 6.30 MW Wind Power
In recognition of our efforts, the Ministry of Energy, Government of India, has awarded us the First Prize for "Conservation of Energy in the Dairy Sector" for the years 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016.