She's the place we came from
Our first home from a proud mum

She guides our baby steps nice and good
Finally, to our challenging adult steps

Giving courage, giving strength
Giving care to extended length
Fear no harm when mothers are near
We know how they hold us near

She is a living presence, never a memory
Nothing can separate, not even death from this treasury

Lives in our breath, a smile and tears
Blessing us always far or near

We are products of our mothers


Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Nara
Vice Chairperson & Managing Director

Happy Mother’s Day

Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Nara

Milk Producers

Effecting change in the standard of living for dairy farmers in terms of:
  • Regular income through co-operative efforts
  • Women’s participation in income generation
  • Protecting farmers from price exploitation by the un-organized sector
  • Providing remunerative prices for milk
  • Increasing milk productivity through input and extension activities
  • Credit facilitation for purchase and insuring of cattle
  • Cattle healthcare activities
  • Supplying high-quality cattle feed at reasonable prices


  • Timely supply of pure & fresh products
  • Supply of high-quality milk and milk products at affordable prices
  • More than 15 lakh happy customers
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Customer care centre
  • Supply of products through multiple channels like MRF, e-Commerce & Parlours


  • Enhancing the technical and managerial skills of employees through continuous training and development
  • Instituting the best appraisal systems to motivate employees
  • Fostering incentive, bonus and reward systems to encourage employees
  • Providing fair opportunities to all for career development


  • Dividend Payment since Public Issue (January 1995)
  • Highest importance to investor service; no notice from any regulatory authority since 2001 in respect of investor service
  • Very transparent disclosures
  • Prompt payments to all suppliers
  • Associated with high-quality equipment / ingredient suppliers
  • Potential Employment Generation
    • More than 2,900 employees are working with Heritage
    • More than 12,020 procurement representatives have found self-employment in rural areas
    • More than 6900 sales representatives are associated with the company
  • More than 1365 franchisees operating Heritage Parlours
  • Sustainable development with 10.30 MW of renewable energy for running dairy plants